Me but Not


I hate my body

I hate how my soul is trapped inside

I hate how weak it is

How it’s never perfect

I hate the bones that protrude from my skin

I hate how often I have to rest

How I can’t do whatever I want whenever I want because of it

I hate how tired it gets

Hate how curvy its not

How people make assumptions about me because of it

I hate how It’s not what I want it to be

It’s never good enough

Never enough for everyone

Everyone wants to make it better because they don’t think it’s what I should be

I hate how my emotions make me want to curl up and be done

I hate how it’s always sick

I hate how much it cries

How much it hurts

How easily it bruises

How easily it breaks

How I’m always in pain because of it

How everyone thinks it’s me but it’s not


I Love my body

I love the way it feels

I love being able to stretch out and feel every muscle working

I love how small I am

How flexible and compact I can be

I love how people are surprised by how strong it is

I love how I don’t have to watch what I eat

How fast I can run

How high I can climb

How much I can feel

I love how I am perfectly me

I love how I am unique

God’s own design

How there is no one else like me

I love how I am not the same as everyone else

I have gifts of my own and they are like no one else

I love how I can see and feel every muscle

Love how I can feel every movement

Perfectly coordinated with the rest of me

I love how I can feel everything

How my emotions are a tool

How I can take darkness and hurt and turn it into something beautiful

I love how it holds my soul and guards it till it is freed

I love how it is me because my soul makes it that way

I love how it is not me because one day I will leave it





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