Imperfection is Beauty

One thing that I notice a lot of people, if not most people struggle with, is body image. Who actually likes their body? Who even loves there body? How many people out there in the world today are actually comfortable in the skin they’re in, just as they are? I bet not a whole lot or the beauty industry wouldn’t be so popular. The makeup industry wouldn’t be so successful. Everywhere you look there are magazines of airbrushed “beautiful” people endorsing some kind of dieting system that they swear by.  These people distort our thinking that their air brushed, plastic surgury bodies look right and good and if we don’t look like them, we are wrong. We obsess over zits, over having the perfect hair, learning how to contour and spending hours in front of a mirror to paint our faces to make them look just right. We call the people who spend hours on their image beautiful. Let me tell you, it irritates me to know end because I see makeup as paint and anyone can look pretty with a painted on face. That’s not the real you. My tiraid is not against the makeup industry however, as much as I would like to tare that industry apart, but no. I am here to talk about loving yourself and setting intentions. when I wash my face at night, I tell myself “I’m doing this because I love my face and want it clean and healthy.” My achne has been all over the place these last few years. I dare say it’s been uncontrollable. I found no regimen could stand against my zit prone pores and that drove me nuts. I read articles and stressed and started birth control, EVERYTHING I could think of…did it work? Absolutely not. So I gave up. This is my face and I can’t change it so might as well accept it. As long as I am healthy, I shouldn’t stress about it. So I sat in front of the mirror and told myself I was ready to learn to love my healthy body in all of its zitty glory. I washed with an inexpensive soap that I’ve used in the past and a moisturizer that I liked. Before I washed my face I said “I’m going to wash my face to keep it clean and healthy” or something of the sort and set to the task. Saying to myself as I washed, “This is making my face clean and healthy”. I wish I took before and after pictures because the change in a month was amazing. I now have my clean and smooth face back! Sure, there is the occasional blemish but who doesn’t get those. I still love myself. This worked with eczema as well, “I want my skin clean and moisturized”. When I eat and drink, I am focusing on how it is nourishing my body and making it healthy and how healthy is beautiful. As long as I am healthy, I am ok.


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