Well Wishes For Good Health

So you’re sick over the holidays…Oh wait, just kidding, that’s me…but everyone get’s sick at some point and if you handle it anything like I do, well, hopefully you handle it in a more adult way, but my point here is that I don’t think any of us like being sick. Being sick sucks. Being sick is good practice though, being sick can give you an excellent opportunity to practice self love and self care.

#1 in the self love when you’re sick tool bag

Hot baths are AMAZING when you have a cold. My mother used to swear by them. “Boil them buggies out” she used to say. Epsom salt definitely aids in that respect. Some relaxing lavender and eucalyptice helps you relax while you sweat and will help you get to sleep which we all know is amazing for you when you have a cold.

The steam from the bath also opens up your sinuses and breaks up a lot of that congestion. Holding a warm compress over your congested sinuses helps break everything apart even better and as an added bonus, feels really nice too.

A bath will help you feel clean which when your body feels clean, you have a tendency to feel healthy.


Usually, I am against the TV at all costs, it has it’s time and place but when you are sick, that time and place is whenever you feel like it. Fall asleep to your favorite movie or binge watch a series all day if you want. One of the reasons I’m so against regular consumption of TV is that times like this, it should be a treat. That way when you’ve been bed ridden for a few days, you won’t get sick of the TV as quickly and it can pick up your mood and feel like you’re treating yourself. If you’re treating yourself with something special, it’ll take longer for you to get impatient with the healing process that your body needs to take.


Be patient, give yourself time. Nothing is so imortant that it can’t wait a couple days until your well. You need time to fight off the bugs that are making you sick, you need time to rest and time to get back to life. The more you rush, the more frustrating the process will be and the longer it will take. Patience is a good thing to learn anyway, it makes life so much more relaxed (says one of the most impatient people out there).

Hopefully your enjoying yourself more than I am right now, stay well friends, vitamin C and plenty of rest! I wish good health for you all coming into the new year, God Bless!


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