Thoughts and Actions

For the last week and a half, my house has been a disaster zone. I’ve worked the last 12 days in a row, today is my only day off before going back tomorrow, and I’ve been facing burn out at a level that I haven’t in a very long time.

I bought food, but i didn’t want to make it, I still made it but it was half hearted and half assed so it wasn’t very good. My laundry was clean but unfolded and I avoided my dishwasher because switching dishwasher detergent left my dishes with a powdery residue that left me feeling like a failure.

All I wanted to do was sleep so that is what I did and left everything to keep. I think that was part of the problem. I just Left everything.

When I Leave everything sit, if i think about doing it, the idea of starting leaves me feeling very overwhelmed so I avoid it. Which Just leads to a downward spiral of self loathing and depression.

Since today is my day off, I decided to GET EVERYTHING DONE and I did. I attacked every mess I could find in my house.

I started early because I know that mid morning is the time when I am most motivated to clean. Everything got done and I mean everything. Bathroom, kitchen, dishes, vacuuming, laundry, dusting, all done by 10:30 AM. .

My mood at first was foul. Conversations that turned to arguments that never happened and would never happen played over in my head. Definitely not healthy, so whenever I noticed my thoughts would go there, I would tell myself, “This isn’t helping.” And then ask God “Heavenly father, still my anger.” Then I’d find something positive to think like how good it’s going to having a clean house. I would think about guests coming over and how much more they would enjoy visiting in my clean house. How much I enjoyed freshly folded laundry even though I’m not a fan of folding it. By the time I was done with my chores, my mood was jovial.

Next order of business, meals. My husband likes “Easy meals.” I find them expensive and unhealthy. We also work different shifts. He works nights and I work days which makes meal time together very difficult. This has caused some discord between us so then we came up with the idea that I could pre make meals that can be microwaved and eaten at will.

I only Cook a few days a week and both of us are happy for it. This morning I made 6 meals which counts for about 2 days for us. That’s 2 days neither of us have to worry about food. 2 days of less stress for me and 2 days that I am not overwhelmed. While I was cooking them, l would think about those things which kept my good mood going.

Your thoughts matter. Your actions matter. You are in control both. The morning I had of is proof that I hope aids and empowers you.

Good Luck, God Bless